Jian li (jian)

In my lab, we use cellular and animal models to study the basic mechanisms underlying age-related neurodegeneration and cancer.

Though it might not seem like it, these two areas of research are related. Their job is to regulate gene expression to cope with stressors, such as high temperatures, infections, and whatever environmental disturbances come our way.

These stress-response factors are well-maintained and have an essential pro-survival role. My lab aims to use the roundworm C. While strengthening the stress-response pathways and increasing survival is good in that context, there is a flipside to that coin: cancer. Stress-response factors can be activated and re-purposed in a bad way under certain pathological conditions. One example is malignant transformation in cancer, in which dampening the pro-survival function of stress-response is beneficial.

Our lab tries to find the switch for stress-response factors that leads to either health enhancement in aging or supporting malignancy, so that we can kill cancer cells without affecting the normal ones. That is why I study both sides of the coin when it comes to understanding these transcription factors.

Education B. Kirschstein National Research Service Award.

jian li (jian)

E2F coregulates an essential HSF developmental program that is distinct from the heat-shock response. Li JGilmour DS. Reconstitution of factor-dependent, promoter proximal pausing in Drosophila nuclear extracts. Li J, Gilmour DS. EMBO J. Kinetic competition between elongation rate and binding of NELF controls promoter-proximal pausing. Mol Cell. Cohesin selectively binds and regulates genes with paused RNA polymerase. Curr Biol. Promoter proximal pausing and the control of gene expression.

Mol Cell Biol. PLoS One. Phone: Fax: E-mail: jian-li omrf. Contact us. E-news sign up. Skip to main content Skip to footer. My In my lab, we use cellular and animal models to study the basic mechanisms underlying age-related neurodegeneration and cancer.

Brief CV Education B. Lab Staff Lai Wang, Ph. News from the Li lab. Li in the Media. The grant will help two new scientists establish labs at OMRF.Specialties: Nephrology. If you are having an emergency, call or go to your nearest emergency room. Please do not utilize this scheduling feature for urgent medical situations.

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Jian Li, Ph.D., P.E.

We provide the appropriate auxiliary aids and services, including qualified sign language interpreters, TTYs and other assistive listening devices, at no cost. To request assistance, call or email CommunicationAccess hfhs. If you have traveled to China, Iran, Italy, Japan or South Korea in the last 14 days or been in close contact with someone suspected to have the COVID Coronavirusplease contact our nurse line prior to scheduling.

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Jian Li, MD Request an Appointment. Board Certifications. English, Chinese. Hospital Privileges. Henry Ford Hospital. Schedule Appointment Online If you are having an emergency, call or go to your nearest emergency room.

Schedule Appointment for.SacramentoCA Driving Directions. Research interests include the study of the molecular mechanisms causing tumor resistance to radiation and chemotherapy.

Jian-Jian Li, M.D., Ph.D.

Specific tumor resistant signaling networks that are regulated by radiation induced metabolic reprogramming and tumor immunosuppressive factors are being investigated in an array of human cancers including breast, lung, prostate, brain and liver.

Additional projects are related to radiation-induced adaptive response in normal tissues and in the radiation-resistant cancer stem cells. The goal of these studies is to find therapeutic targets to enhance cancer cure rates by radiotherapy.

Recipient of E. To see a complete list of Dr. Li's publications, please click here. Dev Cell. Front Oncol. Redox Biol. Cancer Lett. Immune targets in the tumor microenvironment treated by radiotherapy. J Vis Exp. Mol Cancer Ther. Cell Rep. Free Radic Biol Med. Toggle navigation. Jian-Jian Li, M. Specialties Cancer Radiation Oncology. Department Radiation Oncology.

Title Professor Director of Translational Research. Location, Directions and Contact Info. Reset Map. Clinical Interests Research interests include the study of the molecular mechanisms causing tumor resistance to radiation and chemotherapy.

Education M. Select Recent Publications To see a complete list of Dr. Reviews About Our Survey.Bechstein Grand Piano D for his conservatory. Li Jian was born in Shanghai in in a musical family. He is the son of the Chinese renowned violinist Yu Lina, who is best-known for the violin concerto The Butterfly Lovers. He began his music studies at the age of six and studied with professor Hong Teng at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Jian Li gained worldwide recognition inwhen at the age of 16 he won the second prize in the prestigious Marguerite Long-Jacques Thibaud international competition in Paris.

This honor brought him opportunities for playing in European countries including France, Italy, Germany and Britain. He was also the youngest musician chosen by the Chinese government to perform at the national reception honoring U. President Jimmy Carter on his historic visit to China. Inhe became the first Mainland Chinese musician to be invited to perform in Taiwan.

In an interview Jian Li said: "A musician doesn't have to exhibit his own style. His nature is revealed with the music he plays. A good musician should focus on the music and the daring nature of the composer. Otherwise you'll be wrong from the beginning.

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jian li (jian)

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jian li (jian)

Dealers in Germany Pianohaus A. Lepthien Schwarzwaldstr. Dealers in Germany Piano Auer Oskar-v.Li monash. The majority of modern polymyxin pharmacology data were reported by his group. Jian's research targets an urgent global medical challenge, antibiotic resistance and lack of new antibiotics against Gram-negative 'superbugs'. My group is focused on re-development of 'old' polymyxins as the last-line therapy against Gram-negative 'superbugs'.

My pharmacological research provides essential mechanistic information for discovery and development of novel, safer polymyxins.

Jian Li, Ph.D.

Recent pharmacological studies, including ours, indicate that plasma concentrations of colistin are sub-optimal in a large proportion of patients, even with the upper limit of the approved daily doses of colistin methanesulfonate. Our pharmacological studies demonstrated that highly active polymyxin combination therapy provides a means to increase bacterial killing while minimising resistance and nephrotoxicity. Even though polymyxins became available in the clinic more than 50 years ago, there is still very limited information on how they kill bacterial cells, cause resistance, and induce nephrotoxicity.

Our recent omics and microbiological studies discovered a novel mechanism of polymyxin resistance in A. We have demonstrated that polymyxin-induced apoptosis plays a key role in their nephrotoxicity. A multiple disciplinary approach is employed, including cell biology, correlative microscopy, mass spectrometry imaging, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics.

Discovery of safer new-generation polymyxins Funded by NIH. Unlike many failed polymyxin discovery projects, our discovery program employs novel structure-activity relationship SAR and structure-nephrotoxicity relationship SNR models and is strongly supported by our year polymyxin pharmacological research. Optimising the clinical use of the 'old' last-line polymyxins. Prof Roger L. Prof Alexandre P. Prof David L. Novel polymyxin combinations using systems pharmacology.

Mechanisms of antibacterial activity, resistance and nephrotoxicity of polymyxins. Vincent Hospital, Melbourne. Current Major Funding selected from 39 in total since Skip to content Skip to navigation.Make a Gift Contact Us. Bisi Adkins, Douglas R.

Bagegni, Nusayba A. Batista, Luis F. Berrien-Elliott, Melissa M. Blinder, Morey A. Celik, Hamza Challen, Grant A. Chaudhry, Salman I. Chheda, Milan G. Choi, Jaebok Christopher, Matthew J. Clifton, Katherine K. Cooper, Matthew L. Dearborn, Joshua T. DeNardo, David G. Eades, William C. Eby, Charles S. Eissenberg, Linda G.

jian li (jian)

Fehniger, Todd A. Ferraro, Francesca Fiala, Mark A. Frith, Ashley E. Ghobadi, Armin Gomez, Felicia I. Govindan, Ramaswamy Greco, Alfred O. Grierson, Patrick M. Griffith, Malachi Griffith, Obi L. Grossman, Brenda J. Hall, Ira M. Held, Jason M. Hernandez-Aya, Leonel F. Hickman, Scot G. Hirbe, Angela C. Hsieh, James J. Jacoby, Meagan A. Johanns, Tanner M. Kahl, Brad S. Kaufman, Charles K. Keller, Jesse W. Kim, Miriam Y.View visitor restrictions. Information on Previously Scheduled Outpatient Appointments.

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Road Closures: Downtown Indianapolis Beginning Monday, I eastbound and all ramps from the north split to I will close for 30 days; reopening is scheduled for May Please plan ahead and allow for more time to travel to and from appointments.

Learn About Survey. Schedule an Appointment. Schedule with Assistance. Request an Appointment. Schedule with the Office Location Details. Specialties: Pediatrics.

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